Respiratory Circulation

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Respiratory Circulation

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     Martial Arts

     The lower jaw moves backwards, keeping the lower jaw behind the upper jaw and letting the throat circulate air and the throat circulates the air for about 5 to 7 minutes to help the brain get enough oxygen.

     It regulates with respiration and nerves. It helps stabilize all states and feelings like fear, anger, boredom, suffering, fatigue and more.

     When in a state of disorder with psychological symptoms (reflux), the disorder causes response set sickness.

     It affects emotions a lot, thus keeping the air circulating 6 months to 1 year and then returning to a stable state.


     Surgery to shrink soft palate or other part of the throat to easily circulate air in the human circulatory system.

     The brain is healthier when there is enough oxygen and helps humans feel state more stable, relax their nerves, become more alert and also reduce the flu in the body.

     Perception, mentality, state, feeling, help all, look at the human circulatory system, circulate the air to reduce social sickness.


     Suction Palatine Tonsils located in the inner wall of the pharynx

     1. Find the tube to expand the throat and make the hole exactly at the Palatine Tonsils meat ring.

     2. Place the tube in the throat to the tonsils Palatine.

     3. Cut the bricks and pry the flesh of the palatine tonsils.

     4. Place the tube on the flesh of the Palatine tonsil to suck it out.

     5. Suction at a safe level of about 40 watts.

     6. Sew and patch carefully.

     7. Pick up the cut skin up and then sew it across, if not sew it will get itchy throat.

     Provide nutrient seawater and blood and do not eat hard food.